16 12 18


"phlogiston catharsis" lp versions (regular and boxset) are out now.

10 09 18


"phlogiston catharsis" cd versions (regular and boxset) are out now.

12 02 18


p.h.o.b.o.s.' fourth full-length album about to be released.
news and updates via fb

18 12 17


new album mastered, for both analog and digital releases.
thanks to greg chandler at priory recording studios.

10 12 17


a two-album deal has been inked with transcending obscurity records.
new album to be released in lp/cd/digital, with worldwide promotion and distribution.

28 09 17


p.h.o.b.o.s.' fourth full-length album captured and unbalanced
contents and release data updates via fb

07 12 16


massive temporary discount for all orders, including shipping,
only via the 'consume' section of this website.

13 07 16


new interview in cauldron of acheron fanzine #2 (chile).

all interviews now compiled in the 'insights' section.

21 01 16


p . h . o . b . o . s . mark i i i :

frederic sacri > distortion / keys / pulse / vox
mani ann-sitar > distortion / keys / vox
magnus larssen > subs / infras / lines / pulse

new musickness under design


11 11 15


" श्मशान काली " ep available now.

tracks pre-listening and vinyl purchase via megaton mass products bandcamp page
cheaper fares and combined shipping options in the 'consume' section


15 10 15


" श्मशान काली " ep tracklist :
a1 : smasana kali (she is the firewalkers)
b1 : i won't dance (the elder's orient)
b2 : enter the eternal fire

more details in the 'signals' section

out november mmxv


07 07 15


the " श्मशान काली " ep is under manufacturing process.
3 tracks, total time 30 min approx
special limited edition of 100 copies, released via megaton mass produc
inyl only, including digital download code.
audio designed and captured by p.h.o.b.o.s. at sapel lomor.
audio conversion by greg chandler at priory recording studios.
visuals and cover design by p.h.o.b.o.
outersleeve screenprint by lionel arlen at
le 7è oeil


26 05 15


this day marks the tenth anniversary of the "tectonics" album release.
p.h.o.b.o.s. evolution can now be tracked and licked via p.h.o.b.o.s.' official facebook page.
many projects in the works, to be announced soon.


10 01 15


audio masters are ready for a 3-track vinyl ep to be released in a very limited edition.
work and special packaging design in progress.


01 10 14


the entire p.h.o.b.o.s. musickness can now be tasted and consumed
via megaton mass products bandcamp page.

11 09 14


'triunity' gatefold lp version is available for order in 'consume' section at a very low price.
lps and cds combined packages available too.

16 08 14


some reviews of 'triunity' added in the 'echoes' section.

30 06 14


all p.h.o.b.o.s.' tracks of 'triunity' can be tasted in the 'signals' section.
the entire split album can be streamed here.

13 06 14


'triunity' cd version is available for pre-order in 'consume' section at a very low price.
orders will ship to be delivered on the official release date.
lp version pre-order soon to follow.

03 06 14


thomas 'quorthon' forsberg passed away ten years ago.
in rememberance of his eternal mark, a special version of a bathory classic has been captured.
to be released later this year, hopefully.

24 05 14


'ahrimanic impulse victory', p.h.o.b.o.s.' closing track of 'triunity', can be tasted here.

27 04 14


'triunity' will be released via debemur morti productions on gatefold lp / digipack cd / digital download.
release dates : june 20th (europe) / june 24th (us).
tracks, sound and artwork details in 'signals' section.
label official announcement here.


10 03 14


p.h.o.b.o.s. and blut aus nord 6-track split album to be unleashed, both in vinyl and cd formats.
more details soon.



01 03 13


recordings are ready for a vinyl release to be split among p.h.o.b.o.s. and blackness audio masters blut aus nord .
more details to come .


01 09 12


more reviews in the 'echoes' section.

30 05 12


more reviews in the 'echoes' section.


11 05 12


first feedback of 'atonal hypermnesia' posted online, courtesy of heathen harvest webzine.
these praising words can also be read in the 'echoes' section.


19 03 12


'atonal hypermnesia' is finally out.
the 2lp/cd can be ordered via the 'consume' section, with or without an exclusive shirt.


17 02 12


due to factory delays and unsatisfaying audio quality, release date of the album is pushed to mid mar 12.
to avoid the regular requests:
- no release in a specific cd format is scheduled so far.

- no pre-orders are accepted.

thank you for your patience.


13 12 11


'atonal hypermnesia' 2lp/cd is under manufacturing process. release date is delayed to mid jan 12.
preview of album front cover in 'signals' section.
a limited run of 50 tshirts will be available at a special price if ordered with the 2lp/cd.

preview of shirt design in 'consume' section.


11 10 11


the new album will be released as a double gatefold lp, including cd version.
it should be available early dec 11 on megaton mass products under reference pikadon002lp.
some shirts will be proposed as well.
audio extracts available in 'signals' section.


24 05 11


'atonal hypermnesia' is mastered.
the album contains 4 tracks, each one clocking around 15 min.
track titles stand as follows

1 - necromegalopolis of coprolites
- their eyes and mouths shut by the supreme fire, finally
- retrograde paramorphism of the infinite crimson landscapes

- maelstrom mani padme hum
- twirling steams of the collapsar

- stellar-mass somatic cells of the erotomaniac

- doloriferous waveforms of the chaocosmic forces

- solar defrag
- vow upon thee, oh spectral metaquasar

- entropic radiation of the magnificent pika don

- transonic mahasamadhi
- a different order of the non visible

- intrinsic discordant tones from the machines of substance
- vipassana bhavana

artwork in progress via
stefan thanneur

19 03 11
p.h.o.b.o.s. new album, 'atonal hypermnesia', is recorded and mixed.
currently under mastering process via james plotkin .


01 01 11
next full-length audio disturbance under design.
to be aborted soon ...


05 03 10
p.h.o.b.o.s. interview added in the 'echoes' section.
also available online via transmission zine.


26 06 09
'anœdipal' order fares via phobosdrone.org have changed, check the 'consume' section.
the album is also available via several mailorders, check on the internet.


26 03 09
p.h.o.b.o.s. interview added in the 'echoes' section.
supposed to be published in zero tolerance magazine months ago and finally canceled.


12 02 09
p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in absolute zero media webzine.


01 02 09
'anœdipal' is now distributed via the end records / the omega order .
more reviews added in the 'echoes' section.


16 01 09
p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in la voix des ombres webzine (french language).
more reviews in the 'echoes' section


18 11 08
some 'anœdipal' web reviews in the 'echoes' section.
album review and artwork feature in zero tolerance magazine nov/dec jan/feb issue.


28 08 08
'anœdipal' is ready to be consumed.
orders via megaton mass products webshop exclusively.
payment and shipping details in the new 'consume' section.


23 07 08
the new album is under manufacturing process.
it will be available early sept 08 on megaton mass products under reference pikadon001cd.
expect a blackened aural experience along with disturbing visuals.

main cover unveiled in 'signal' section.


14 05 08

'anœdipal' is a bit delayed, mainly due to unsatisfying offers from labels.
p.h.o.b.o.s.' own structure, megaton mass products, is re-activated and will release the album as a long format digipack, including full lyrics and artwork on a 12-page booklet.
limited edition of 1000 copies, available via phobosdrone.org in the first place.


02 05 08
phobosdrone.org v.3 is launched.
'now', 'from...to...', 'signals' and 'interzone' sections updated.


20 11 07
  extracts of 'unzen', 'post theophanies' and 'destrud mortid'
available for listening (low bitrate mp3) in 'signals' section.


09 08 07
  'anœdipal' is mastered.
the album is a continuous flow of 6 tracks linked by interludes and clocks around 55 min.

titles stand as follows :

1 - unzen (to disrupt the cycle of the fæces)
2 - hans & horses (to unbind father and son)
3 - post theophanies (to unbind the son and the holy ghost)
4 - destrud mortid (to comply with the cruel contract)
5 - algo lagnia (to embrace the rites of masoch)
6 - elitotems (odimus profanum vulgus)

artwork is in progress.


22 07 07
p.h.o.b.o.s. new album, 'anœdipal', is recorded and mixed.
mastering will be achieved late july 07.


16 06 07
material for the next full length album is completed.
recording sessions will start in june 07 at red studio.


22 07 06

exclusive p.h.o.b.o.s. track on candlelight 2cd sampler "phoenix risen":
"monochrome red", sliced edit with alternate mix.


28 12 05

phobosdrone.org updates :
- full press interviews and reviews added in 'echoes' section.
- french version deleted.


01 12 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in vampire magazine webzine.


05 10 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in nocturnal horde webzine.


22 09 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. feature in metal maniacs november issue.


15 09 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview and 'tectonics'review in versus magazine issue #4.


23 08 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in spirit of metal webzine and in extremis
newsletter issue #14 (french language).


18 08 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. feature in terrorizer magazine issue #135.


27 07 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in metal1.info webzine (german language).


18 07 05

update of sections 'from...to...' (full bio) and 'connect'
('proto' fares lowered).


30 06 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in feindesland webzine.


30 05 05

european release today.



05 05 05

u s / canada release date moved to 26/07/05.
possible pre-orders via some webstores .


16 04 05

'tectonics' release date for u s /canada is 12/07/05 via candlelight u s a
under code number cdl220cd .


26 02 05

'tectonics' will be out 30/05/05 under code number candle120cd .
some p.h.o.b.o.s. propaganda on candlelight website here and there .


06 02 05

p.h.o.b.o.s. has signed an agreement with appease me.../candlelight.
the label is operated by blut aus nord audio wizards and spreads
extreme music worldwide through phd.
a release date for 'tectonics' will be announced soon.


17 01 05

'tectonics' visuals in 'signals' and 'insights' sections.


04 10 04

'tectonics' is ready for pressing.
pieces to steal in 'signals' section.


06 09 04

megaton mass products, p.h.o.b.o.s. label, is official.
it will ensure production and promotion for the project,
and also for other affiliated artists and events.


02 08 04

'tectonics' mastering is almost achieved.
p.h.o.b.o.s. is in touch with some labels for pressing and distribution.
album total time is around 58 min and tracks stand as follows :

1 - nietzschean dynamics
2 - gregarious
3 - wisdoom
4 - monochrome red
5 - engulfed in subduction
6 - nihil credo
7 - inseminator / matrix
8 - dormant /dead end

artwork is in progress.


13 07 04

'from...to...', 'insights', 'echoes'and 'connect' sections updated.


19 04 04

the album, entitled 'tectonics', is recorded.
mix and mastering will be processed during may 04.


05 03 04

design of 8 tracks achieved for the album.
soundtakes start 30 03 04 at red studio, north.


31 08 03

phil g. (bass) takes no longer part in p.h.o.b.o.s.
the project is now focused on studio.
recording works for a new album in progress.


24 06 03

first live appearance in tilburg on 15 06 03.
pix in 'insights' section.


09 05 03

7-track (52 min) demo cdr available for promoters (concerts, recording).
downloadable pieces in 'signals' section.


22 04 03

p.h.o.b.o.s. live on stage 15 06 03 at club013, tilburg, holland.
(also appearing: bunkur).10 04 03 : website english version activated.


15 11 02

p.h.o.b.o.s. interview online in times of grace webzine
(french language).


20 07 02

new reviews in 'echoes ' section.


07 05 02

new area http://www.phobosdrone.fr.st.