P.H.O.B.O.S is Industrial Doom to my ears. What does that mean to P.H.O.B.O.S. ?

« Industrial doom » was the tag I invented for our first demo CD « Proto », back in 2000. This can be easily verified : no media at the time used that genre classification, or maybe the band Zaraza with « industrial doom death ». Even if « Proto » sounded more metal than industrial, I already had in mind the musical orientation for P.H.O.BO.S. : melting doom metal with industrial music. Anyway, all of this is nondescript now : I simply play music, be it dark or heavy, and do not care about more categorization.


Your last several releases were on Megaton Mass. That is your own label? or partnership with someone else? Why the move to Transcending Obscurity for this album ?

Megaton Mass Products is the label I’ve founded and still run, in order to release P.H.O.B.O.S.’ records, when no professional label has been found. Hopefully, for « Phlogiston Catharsis », Transcending Obscurity Records shown a serious interest and had a strong PR and distribution network. Then, after some thought, I’ve decided to rely on these passionate people.


"Phlogiston Catharsis" : What is the theme or story behind this album and how does it differ from others?

Miscellaneous personal topics and feelings have driven the formulation of this work: anxiety, atomic fire, pessimism, geological dangers, misanthropy, mankind obliteration, . This time, lyrics were written right before voices capture, to keep some authenticity.


I always wanted to ask you : Originally your were working with Appease me/ Candlelight. What happened with that label and was it really just a doorway to release your music?

Old stories : Appease Me, run by Blut Aus Nord, got dropped by Candlelight, a label without artistic vision and understanding, and also demised for a while. As simple as that.


What is a P.H.O.B.O.S live performance like and are there lots of visuals ?

The art of P.H.O.B.O.S. does not belong to the world of entertainment, animation, ego flattering, stage posturing and socialization. My path is a process of continuous reflexion to explore a sonic universe that has nothing more to demonstrate after its aural transmission. Needing camouflage like visuals or videos would mean my sound is unfinished and irrelevant. It would be lies and indecency to try to rehearse feelings born out of anger, frustration and depression, and to represent them in front of buyers of sensationalism. My truth lies solely in the sonic medium. « Total art » is often an excuse for musical mediocrity. Listen, and hopefully your mind, if gifted, will make you feel.


If you have the budget to create a proper video for Phlogiston Catharsis what track would you use and how would it look like ?

Refer to previous answer, thanks.


What bands are impressing P.H.O.B.O.S currently?

Even if I keep on listening to a ridiculous amount of music, with pleasant discoveries, no specific bands or artists had a specific hook on me recently, and surely not in the rock or metal genres.


France has a strong history for Doom Metal. Why do you think this is so?

« Strong history » ? Disagreed. Maybe as far as electronic music, classical avant-garde or black metal are concerned. But French bands have always been late followers of the doom metal streams. This is not England or Finland here.


If you could tour, any band who would you want this to be with?

Refer to the "live" subject answer, thanks.


Recording the album : is this a solo process or is P.H.O.B.O.S a full band now?

P.H.O.B.O.S. is my solo project since the beginning, and, like for the previous albums, « Phlogiston Catharsis » was entirely designed by one person, with ideas and sounds being developped in seclusion at Sapel Lomor, my own studio. It happened that two old friends of mine, being also skilled musicians, got in touch, and were interested to share some technical and spiritual advice for the new album. As their ideas were very pertinent and helpful, they were invited to take part in some recording steps, and they are naturally credited for these inputs. Time will tell if this formula will be summoned in the future.


When you are not making music, what passes the time ?

Walking in unexplored natural areas, painting large canvas, reading books, gazing at the night sky.


In four words, can you describe P.H.O.B.O.S. ?

Relentless, ominous, elusive, insidious.


What does social media do for a band like yours in 2018?

Not concerned. I despise this age of digital show off and truth manipulation.


Are there other music project you create we should know about?

Two other electronic projects in progress, more « friendly » or soothing music-wise. Names to be revealed sooner or later.


Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thank you for your interest.


- Clint Listing, The Doorway To ... (formerly Absolute Zero Media)

the doorway to - sep 2018