internet and press reviews (selection)

" both projects have a vastly different approach to what could roughly be lumped into the same genre, and the interplay between the nightmarish darkness and awe-inspiring sonic vistas is sublime. " - the metal observer

" for those who share a great love for experimental black metal, doom, and industrial music, 'triunity' is an intriguing album that provides two exciting tastes of what may lie ahead. " - life is noise

"when taken together, the six tracks on 'triunity' create a terrible oneiric, occult-ish beauty that is so black it shines. " - all music

" p.h.o.b.o.s.‘ side is the more avant-garde and challenging to the listener, akin to the work of blut aus nord, who in turn borrow their counterparts’ drone metal aspects for a heavier sound. " - metal blast


all music (english)

ave noctum (english)

life is noise (english)

lurker's path (english)

metal blast (english)

the metal observer (english)

necroweb (deutsch)

santa sangre (english)

thrashocore (français)

vs-webzine (français)



'atonal hypermnesia'

internet and press reviews (selection)

" bands like P.H.O.B.O.S. bend and twist the genres into a debased, dark mass that stands heads above the crop in terms of originality and exhilaration. " - avant-garde metal

" a very unique and strange heaviness which you're likely to only get from P.H.O.B.O.S. It may be their best record yet. " - equivoke

" this is the most frightening revelation P.H.O.B.O.S. could have provided: total obliteration and replacement of the human on the deepest possible level. " - heathen harvest

" four movements of calculated madness that transcends genres like industrial, doom, and black in almost an hour. " -metal storm


avant-garde metal (english)

doommantia (english)

doom-metal (english)

equivoke (english)

hard rock mag (français)

heathen harvest (english)

kulturterrorismus (deutsch)

metal storm (english)

slow end (français)




internet and press reviews (selection)

" an album that births and defines new genres ... this is the music of hell. " - avant-garde metal

" bleaker than most doom metal outfits, more hate-filled than most black metal clowns out there." - chronicles of chaos

" an intelligently dark and cacophonous release. " - heathen harvest

" this is just bleak beyond bleak ... seriously poisonous. " - metal review


absolute zero media (english)

avant-garde metal (english)

chronicles of chaos (english)

eklektik (français)

friedhof online magazine (español)

heathen harvest (english)

metal.de (deutsch)

metal1 (deutsch)

metal review (english)

noise magazine (français)




internet and press reviews (selection)

" a fusion of filth-ridden doom, pitiless industrialism, and paganistic,
earthshaking convulsions. "
- terrorizer

" 'tectonics' is quite literally the sound of the roman empire slowly rising, marching onward into glory,
and eventually crumbling, all in horrific slo-mo and all simultaneously. "
- metal maniacs

" this machine kills everything. " - digital metal


digital metal (english)

the metal observer (english)

terrorizer magazine (english)

versus magazine (français)

slowend (français)

daredevil magazine (english)

metal archives (english)

metal dungeon (deutsch)



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